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Job ID: 23196

Job Sector: Banking

Job Details

Retail & Business Banking

Job Purpose

As one of the oldest and most successful financial institutions in the country, we’re always looking to hire dedicated, ambitious men and women to fill key future roles in our ever-growing organisation. One of those roles is as an officer frontline, the person at each branch who effortlessly fulfils a number of highly visible responsibilities (including Enquiries, Reception and a Teller role), while ensuring exceptional customer service. An Officer Frontline (which includes Enquiries, Reception and a Teller role) is responsible for providing exceptional customer service including efficient and accurate transactions. An Officer Frontline is a highly visible position in a bank branch, which is mainly spent interacting with customers.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

As the Officer Frontline, you’ll be responsible for: • fulfilling a number of roles, such as enquiries, teller and reception area;

• providing the high-quality, efficient processing of customers’ financial transactions; and

• ensuring that all customer queries are attended to efficiently

Preferred Qualification and Experience

The Officer Frontline is expected to

uphold the integrity and reputation of the Bank

work on Saturdays and perhaps even Sundays (depending on the branch)

work shifts and, in some regions, work at any of the branches

wear a uniform

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Our Consultant Frontlines are expected to

work between Monday and Sundays

work shifts and, in some regions, work at any of the branches

wear uniforms


Communication skills

Your primary focus will be to interact with clients, so good communication skills are important both verbal and written. An Officer Frontline must provide timely, accurate information so that appropriate decisions can be made.

Customer service orientation

Exceptional customer service is what distinguishes one Bank from another. In Standard Bank we are looking for individuals who are skilled and motivated to deliver outstanding customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

Product Knowledge

Knowing and keeping up to date with Standard Bank range of products is a must. As an Officer Frontline, you need to be able to recognise your customers’ financial services requirements and cross sell services that meet those requirements. You need to be able to refer the customer to the right person.

Compliance Management

The Bank works within a clear and strictly applied legal framework. The Officer Frontline needs to know and consistently apply these rules, processes and regulations across products and customers. Often this implies taking the time to explain the ‘red tape’ to the customer in a way that makes sense to the customer impacted.

Problem solving

Be willing and able to follow through on customer requests, provide prompt feedback and be able to rectify any issues that need to be resolved.

Numerical skills

Counting money will also be part of your job requirements, you will therefore need to have good numerical skills in order to count and handle large amounts of money.

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