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Sounds like a familiar rhetoric, right?

4 years down post-grad life, Timothy still doesn’t have that job that he was really hoping to get. Well it’s about that time that important questions are asked. Could it be true that there are really no jobs?

But, wait, are robots, the ones working and operating the many organizations existing in the world today, could it be because he knows no one? Before submitting to excuses and getting discouraged after a few unsuccessful interviews or un-replied applications, you should read this;

What could possibly be wrong? Here are some possible reasons why you aren’t being hired, and some quick action points! 

1. Begin With The End In Mind: Most often than not, we all come out of school without a destination in mind, without clarity and direction, we’re all hung up In the rat race, we only think of getting a job for the purpose of survival, and maybe for some social reason, or for perceived importance, as one who goes to work daily with a tie around his/her neck, is perceived to be making progress in most third world countries.

Very few actually take the time to critically review what their life would be about, articulate those desires, conceptualize them, and then frame them into their life’s blueprint or career plan, maybe you are one of those who don’t know, that, there’s such a thing as a life blueprint or a career plan.

Before you pursue a career or a position, have a well defined destination in mind, and prepare your mind to go through the necessary journey to get there, put it into a career plan, estimate what requirements are needed, evaluate what you have right now so as to know where to start.

What this would do, is to focus your sight on the endgame, and to prepare your mind for the journey between where you are and where you’re going, this way, the long term goal becomes the driving force that helps overcome short term sacrifices and circumstances. This also teaches you that you need a functional game plan to play with.

What this does for you is that it opens your eyes to time wasting channels, and helps you identify activities critical to securing your dream Job and you are more purposeful in doing things that aid your goals and purposes.   

2. Build a brand: While there are so many angles to this, if you would pay more attention to yourself as a personal brand, it would reflect in the way you would communicate your person and value, either verbally, online, or even on paper, pay attention to the following;

            A. Build a brand consistent with the end you have in mind, begin to see yourself in light of the end point you have created within, and begin to do those things that align with it, take courses that align with it, and engage online forums that align, engage in relevant discourses, attend relevant events, acquire refined skill in this area, both online and physically. Volunteer to work with a company with these platforms already, and be sure that you function in areas that help you directly acquire relevant skill, experience and networks (even if it means working for free, if you can afford to) for a certain period of time.

            B. What does your online/offline presence say about you? needless to say is the fact that you ought to have a LinkedIn presence. If I was a prospective employer and while looking through your resume, I decide to do an online search on you, what would I find? what kind of pictures am I likely to see, what kind of content do you put out there regularly, am I likely to find things that show me your expertise and skill set, added to new industry knowledge? I.e. would you hire you; based on the information of you that you see online, so it’s critical to pay attention to your social profiling.   

And, most importantly have an optimized LinkedIn profile for better impressions, increased visibility, search appearance and brand perception, Get A Job offers this service for a kind fee.

            C. Have a winning Resume/Cv & Cover Letter, having a rightly written Cv/Resume optimized for the job you’re applying for, is one critical factor to pay utmost attention to in your job search or career journey, tailor your Cv/resume for every application, write an attention grabbing Cv/Resume that keeps the reader interested for more in the first 10 seconds. The average recruiter expects consideration worthy Cv/Resumes of potential candidates to pass the 10 sec test. Having your Cv/Resume written by Get A Job would be a great decision, as our resume writing service delivers the best, and boosts your chances when you apply for jobs.

3. Have a Strategy: Having identified the endpoint, develop important and well thought strategies to reaching your destination, e.g. it could be to utilize human connections to your advantage by identifying and networking with key people in the organizations of target, and presenting the value you have to them and creating visibility for your name, (see them movie In Pursuit of Happiness, that’s how Chris Gardner got his first Stock Broking job), it’s ok to have 2-3 strategies in place for getting your job, and not just for getting a Job, as that’s just a short term goal, but more importantly for the work you want to do, and for constant progress in your career journey, remember! Begin with the end in mind.

4. Be Proactive: research shows a correlation between having a proactive personality and career success, believe you can do something about your situation and do something about it, if you believe you have the power to do achieve your pursuits, you’ll succeed at it, if you believe all the cards are stacked wrongly or all odds are against you, then you’ll definitely be powerless and jobless.

You’ve got to consider yourself an active stakeholder in pursuing your dream job, don’t laze around waiting for the job to come, that’s what most people do anyway, throw yourself in the game, actively engage opportunities to prove your worth and shoot your shot, you really can’t imagine what could happen if you start taking the initiative for yourself.

5. Ace your Interviews: Now, this is very crucial, getting into the boxing ring or the action room isn’t the big deal, acing the game is. There’s no point branding an entity or product without selling its benefits to prospective customers. It’s very crucial that you brush up your interview skills, confidence level, industry knowledge and knowledge of your prospective employers, alongside their pain points, and then bring practical solutions to the table when you’re being interviewed. Also shamelessly sell your skills and unique selling points, in a way that is relevant to the organization, if you do this, you’ll be able to ace any interview you attend. Get A Job has an Interview Toolkit (e-book) that’ll be immensely helpful, you could download it free on the resources page on our website.

6. Grow your Network: Networking is the way to get in before you get in, understand that people are the greatest resources you would ever have in life. Human networks are the bridges between where you are and what you seek. You must understand people power, and utilize it, sometimes, what seals the approval is a word or mention from someone who noticed something you posted, or previously did.

Intentionally develop networks online and offline, through; volunteering, events, constantly posting industry knowledge on your social and professional accounts, belonging to professional and social clubs or associations, somewhere along the line you don’t know who might just recommend you, if not immediately, sometimes later.    

7. Skill up: Really, we are in a skill economy today, what matters are the skills you possess and the results they bring to bear, not the certificate you carry. While seeking the dream job you want, needless to say is the need of acquiring both technical and soft skills, there’s a ton of internet resource today to practically school yourself in anything you want to learn, take good advantage of this.

After learning, look for opportunities to apply these skills, either paid or unpaid! This will help you develop proficiency and experience using these skills, and makes you more valuable to yourself, and to your prospective employers.

8. Expand Your Value: Go ahead and study the industry you want to thrive in, according to your career plans, identify highly sought after skills and abilities in that field, then commit yourself to mastering it, even if there isn’t any physical opportunity to practice it, read as much books or materials there is on them, and look for creative ways to apply them. Work harder on growing yourself, cut excessive activities away, bring more value to the market, focus on growth and adding value not on getting a job, grow your talent, skill and value, take personal responsibility for it.

Having developed these, identify future industry problems and trends, and even challenges related to the companies you’ll love to work with, then develop solutions to them and offer these solutions to prospective employers through online and offline mediums you can access, or even during interviews you are called for, this makes you a high potential and high value asset to prospective employers.

9. Fuel Your Passion: You probably lack passion or enthusiasm, let your online profiles and brand items reek of passion for what you’re pursuing, let it be added to all other things, that; you’re a passionate personnel, hence a passionate employee. Prospective employers are drawn to value backed up with passion, and this is visible from your cv/resumes, online profiles, they way and manner with which you show up, how you conduct yourself and communicate at an interview.  Whatever you do, show your passion and knowledge in a way that is valuable to the company.

10. Start Somewhere:  No one climbs a tree from a leaf; you climb trees from the stem up, it’s important to note that life consist of processes and phases, a solid and towering career is built over time, no shortcuts. Carefully study the career plans you’ve made, and identify the easiest starting point, then proceed, it could be to learn a skill, take a course, scan around for internships or volunteer opportunities, whichever comes first, start today.

11. Stick to Your Strategy: Now, the way to go is to stick to your guns, having mapped out your strategy, there could be detours along the way, there could be changes in plan, there could be life occurrences, no matter what happens don’t lose focus, always stick to the game plan, there will be need to adjust and evolve along the way, don’t be rigid, be flexible, and surf the waves as they come, but do not be distracted from the endgame.

12. You mustn’t be discouraged: I’ll definitely leave you to live with this; sometimes, things might not all go according to plan immediately, some things will happen faster than we thought, and some will come slower, challenges will show up,but your persistence and determination is key, make sure you FOCUS ON THE LONG TERM, SO, SHORT TERM OCCURRENCES DON’T STOP YOU.

I do hope this helps you.


Oluwaseun Ajayi, Executive team lead and Lead consultant at Get a job.

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