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How To Ace Your Virtual Interview in 7 Steps

The advent of the pandemic has opened us to so many opportunities that we never considered possible or achievable. These opportunities did not go away after the pandemic, instead, they became part of our everyday life and this makes it more important and necessary for everyone to adapt to the new normal.

To reduce physical contact with one another, a virtual interview has taken a position. According to vidrecruiter, the virtual interview wasn’t just discovered, the concept was first imagined 15 years ago and is currently taking the human resource industry by storm.

As a job seeker or as an individual looking to ace your next virtual interview, I will be sharing 10 ways to ace your virtual interview, and I will also be sharing examples alongside. All you have to do is to read till the end.

To ensure that you have. a clear understanding of what is called a virtual interview, I will like to share definitions with you.

What is a virtual interview?

Virtual interview, also known as digital or video interview, allows people to conduct an interview online. This means that regardless of your location, you can attend interviews as long as you have access to the internet. There are several reasons why this is accepted,

  1. It eliminates the stress of an in-person interview
  2. It reduces the cost of having a physical interview for the employers and also for the applicants attending the interview
  3. It provides access to the recording of the interview
  4. It helps candidates to be more comfortable

Types of Virtual Interviews

According to eztalks, there are two types of virtual interviews and they include

  1. One-way live: Here, the employer sends an email with a list of questions to the candidate, the candidates uses a vidoe recording software to record the answers to the questions and sends it back to the employer for their assessment and review.
  2. Two-way live: This has to do with a live interview that takes place online between the candidates and the employer using video softwares.

7 Steps to Ace your virtual Interview

1. Take your time to prepare;

Prepare for the virtual interview as if it were a physical interview. You stand a chance at reducing the frequency of your stuttering if you are well prepared for the interview. You can read more about how to answer tough interview questions to prepare you ahead of your virtual interview.

Taking your time to prepare ahead helps to ensure you are confident in your ability and you are also at your best during the interview.

2. Identify and select a quiet and distraction-free location

You want to be able to hear your interviewer clearly, and you also want them to be able to hear your response, and this can only happen in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

You will also want to portray yourself as an individual who pays attention to details and ensures everything is in place ahead of the virtual interview.

You can either go with a virtual or natural background, just ensure that it is distraction-free.

3. Dress well and look good

A virtual interview can either involve a video or not, which means that if you are going for a virtual interview, you should dress as though it’s a physical interview. Look your best and be comfortable.

One of the reasons why you’re attending a virtual interview is for you to be in a comfortable environment and be able to provide an accurate and apt response during the interview.

4. Ensure your device are working well

I once had a virtual interview, my network was working well before the interview started, few minutes in, I lost connection. The interviewer was struggling to hear me and I was also doing the same literally. I lost that opportunity and I learned a great lesson.

IF you decide to use your mobile phone, ensure it’s well-charged and your internet connection is sound, it’s advisable you have an alternative source of internet connection, to avoid getting disconnected at the peak of the interview.

If you would be using your laptop, either windows or MacBook, ensure you have a backup plan.

5. Engage the interviewer with eye contact and connection

Make sure you smile as much as you can, show up as an engaging and interested individual, and make strong eye contact with your interviewers. You want to appear as confident as possible, so try not to look away during your interview or look down at your notes too frequently. Your eye contact reveals a good deal about how you’re feeling and thinking about what the interviewer is sharing with you.

6. Practice with a friend or your family members

If this is your first virtual interview/meeting, practice all you have prepared ahead of the day of the interview. It helps to give you a fictional representation of what would possibly take place during the virtual interview.

Ask your friend or family member, to record this demo virtual individual, this will help you to identify what you’re not doing well and what you should either reduce or increase.

They can ask you tough questions and even act as though they want to recruit you for their company and take note of how you answer and the quality of your answer.

7. Show up at the virtual interview

It is not enough that you have taken your time to prepare, it is important that you show up for the virtual interview. If you will no longer be available for the virtual interview, you should reach out to the hiring specialist through the medium of communication provided.


In this blog post, I’ve shared with you the definition of virtual interviews, types of virtual interviews, and how to ace your virtual interviews. If you are wondering how to write a compelling CV for the job you’re applying for, you can read this blog post on How to Write a Compelling CV or Resume for any Job Description

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